Mission / Major Research Fields

“Contributing to the national defense by researches and consultation on security/defense policies

  • ·Security Strategy and Defense Policy Research
  • ·Evaluation and Improvement of Defense Management
  • ·Legislative Studies and Support on Security/Defense Issues
  • ·Analysis and Evaluation(A&E) of Security/Defense Investment
  • ·Studies on Energy, Terror, Disaster/Emergency, International
         Cooperation, Strategic Industry
  • ·Consulting on cost estimation & analysis of defense materiel
  • ·Security/Defense Management Consulting
  • ·Security/Defense related Data Collection, Analysis and
         Information Services

Our Vision

“The Best Research Institution dedicated to Credibility and Professionalism

Excellence in Security/Defense Policy Research and Analysis

  • ·Analyses-based Research Institute
  • ·Excellence in Research & Policy Development

World Class Consulting Organization in Security/Defense Areas

  • ·To be World-class Consulting Organization in
       Security & Defense Areas

Core Values

SMI Core Values!


“A nonprofit research Institute dedicated to security/defense policy studies

Management Strategy

  • Honoring

    Our Institute grows by developing our
    experts in the field of defense

  • Systemized

    We aspire to establish a system ensuring expertise,
    research quality, and individual development

  • Performance-based
    remuneration system

  • Culture of communication, cooperation,
    and self-development