〉 Security management forum

The Security Management Forum aims to identify policy directions for major security / defense policies and issues.
It is held six times a year as a senior policy specialist meeting.

〉 Defense Industry CEO Forum

Defense Industry CEO Forum is held four times a year as a gathering of opinions among government policy makers, research institutes,
and defense industry decision makers to develop the defense industry and build a foundation for the national strategic industry.
It also serves as a policy meeting for defense industry CEOs to develop the defense industry.

〉 Global Defense Business Round Table

The GDBRT is held four times a year as a venue for exchange of opinions among Korean CEOs who have offices in Korea.
GDBRT is a Korean defense company Promoting mutual cooperation among foreign defense companies,
the role of foreign defense companies in the Korean defense market, And discussion on export promotion measures of Korean defense products.

〉 Task and current situation

Tasks and Pending Seminars are held regularly to create alternatives to the policy tasks being undertaken by SMI,
seminars on the nature of public hearings, and seminars on major security / defense issues.